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The Second Science and Technology Basic Plan, esrablished by a Cabinet Decision in March 2001, called for the creation of Knowledge Clusters in the diffrent regions of Japan. Moreover, the Third Science and Technology Basic Plan, esrablished by a Cabinet Decision in March 2006, called for selective support of regions that have the potential to develop as world-class clusters.
A "Knowleage Cluster" is a system for technological innovation. Organized by local intiative around universities and over public research institution with original R&D topics and Potential, the system also features participation by companies inside and outside the region.
More specifically, a Knowleage Cluster establishes network of individuals in academia and the private and government sectors-through project planing, joint-research, and exchanges of ideas. The Knowledge Cluster creates a system successively fostering technological innovation while stimulating interaction between the technological "seeds" of core research institutions and the pracitical needs of the business world based on close collaboration and daily communication. Developing this system will allow Japan to draw people, things and money and will allow Japan to expand its technological innovation on a global level.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology (MEXT) has been implementiong the "Knoeledge Cluster Initiative" since 2002 with the aim of creating Knowledge Cluster and revitalizing regional economies.
The MEXT has been implementing the First Stage (which started in 2002) and is currently implementing the Second Stage (which started in 2007), which seeks to accelerate cluster development in light of pastresults.

The Knowleadge Cluster Concept

This page is copied from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Knowledge Cluster Initiative, 2008 Edition."

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