What is the Miyagi Knowledge based Medical Device Cluster?

With progressive globalization, local economic development is a pressing issue. Such development requires using local solutions by combining the intellectual resources of industry, academia, government and finance, injecting capital, applying human resources and creating new industry that can compete on an international level.

The goal of the Miyagi Knowledge based Medical Device Cluster and Promotion Group is to create a global industrial area based on the Miyagi Prefecture Earthquake Disaster Recovery Plan. The cluster and group create medical devices in the region using the wealth of medical device-related creative solutions and ideas of Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering (the first of its kind in Japan). It does this by forging a strong partnership among industry, academia, government and financial institutions, and also by investing capital and human and intellectual resources in the advanced electronic and precision equipment industries in the area. In addition, pharmaceutical applications can be made and clinical trials performed swiftly, and partnerships are forged with businesses inside and outside of the area, thanks to the support system of the Clinical Research, Innovation and Education Center at Tohoku University Hospital. By attracting domestic and overseas businesses, the medical device industry is strengthened and jobs are created.

Knowledge based Medical Device Cluster / Miyagi Area
Fumio Suzuki, Project Director

Knowledge based Medical Device Cluster / Miyagi Area ICR

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